August 29, 2013

  • Report # 1037

    Well in less than 24 hours I will be at work for my first day at my new job, though it will start with two weeks of paid training, with less hours and a lower salary of course. I am ready to get going as it’s been so long so there is not point of sitting around any longer doing absolutely nothing, so I am ready to get going and start working, learning everything that I can and do my very best. On Monday I went to Cinépolis and I watched a Mexican movie, No sé si Cortarme las venas (I don’t know if to cut my veins) It was just about a bunch of people living in an apartment complex and their life problems and how they intereacted with one another, so it was interesting. I only ate have the popcorn, so I really have to stop ordering the large popcorn and cut it down to a medium size.

    I walked to Las Alitas and had something to eat there for dinner and then I headed home. I had gone for my run in the morning, so I had got that done for the day. On Tuesday I went with my roommate’s friend to Chipinque, which is the beautiful park in Metro Monterrey up in the mountains with a beautiful view of the whole city and metropolitan area. It’s always cooler up there and the air is so fresh, and there are just are so many great trees that Monterrey doesn’t exactly have right in the city. We took two buses to get close to the park, and then we took a taxi up to the entrance, which only cost 30 pesos (like less than $ 2.50) We could have taken the taxi all the way up, but we would have had to pay a lot more, and including the price of entering with a car, so it’s just not worth it.

    We walked for a number of hours, and Samantha wasn’t quite used to such a workout, so she got pretty tired. I kept telling her we were almost at a place with drinks and snacks, but it always ended up being a littler further than I thought it would be. We finally found a place with picnic tables and vending machines, so we were able to sit down and buy some drinks and snacks. After taking a break for about half hour we found a nice trail to descend and we made it all the way back down to the entrance. A taxi came and picked us up and took us to the San Agustín mall and we took a bus downtown. We met up with María, my roomate, and some of her friends and we walked along the Santa Lucía river walk for an hour or so and then one of the guys who had a car drove us back home.

    We all picked something to eat at the local food stand and sat and talked at the table for a while before going to bed. I had walked like five hours that day, so I certainly got my exercise. I have been staying up way way way too late this week, and going to bed at totally ridiculous hours, but from now on I will get myself into bed before 2:00 am… I know I’ve said that before, but I really do mean it. Yesterday I headed downtown and got myself a bus pass, which I put about 500 pesos on to it, (40 dollars) It’s not a monthly pass, but a pass that can be refilled when its empty. It does make the buses a little cheaper, as well as provides discounts in many restaurants so it’s a useful pass to have.

    I wanted to go grocery shopping, but I will wait until after my roommate’s friend goes, as it will be a lot easier to stuff things into the fridge. I think she heads back on Saturday, so maybe on Saturday night or Sunday when I’m off, I will go buy a bunch of things. I stopped at VIPS for lunch yesterday afternoon and then picked up a frappuichino from El Globo before heading home. After some cooler, cloudy, and rainier days, yesterday felt pretty warm and sunny. It was probably around 33 C (92 F) Today I was in bed until 12:00 pm and I’ve done absolutely nothing, so it’s been a very lazy day. After typing this up and commenting everyone, I’ll definitely head out and walk around.

    So that’s really about all of the news for me. I’ve been thinking how I’ve been at so many jobs and never have lasted more than 2.5 years. I really would like to find a job and stay with it a lot longer term, so if things go well with this company and everything works out it would be nice to stay for a longer period of time, but of course if there are better opportunities with a higher salary or its just not a good working atmosphere I would change, but I’m hoping that everything works out well and I will do my very best. For the next question:

    What are the shortest and longest periods that you’ve stayed at a job before ? Why did you leave each ?

    I will leave you all with pictures from Chipinque. Take care and I’ll talk to you all on Sunday, if this whole Xanga 2.0 thing works out, bye for now.

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