August 26, 2013

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    Hey everyone, I hope that you’ve all had an amazing weekend and a great start to the week. I just got back from a run as it’s a cooler and rainier day. In fact I got rather wet as it started pouring pretty hard, but that’s ok as I always have a shower when I come home anyways. Yesterday I met a friend at Paseo Santa Lucía and we walked downtown and to the restaurant Trece Lunas, which is the oddest restaurant I have ever eaten at in my life. I was there once before, right before New Years, and it’s just a very fascinating ambiance. You can bring your own felt marker and write on literally anything, tables, sofas, chairs, walls, and there are strange lights, chairs hanging from the walls, and of course most of the employees fit the mold with lots of tattoos and piercings.

    The food is good so that is what is most important ! I ordered what I thought was some focaccia bread with cheese and a side of french fries, but it ended up being a pizza and potato chips…. some places have odd ways of calling items on their menu ! With this place people really have to enjoy talking and waiting because the food always does take some time to come. Afterwards we walked through downtown and took the bus home. When I had arrived at Fundidora Park it was kind of hot, but it clouded over, and got super windy, and rainy, so it really cooled down. The weather can really change fast in Monterrey.

    My roommate has a friend of hers from Veracruz staying here for the week, though oddly enough while her friend was here, my roommate had to fly back to Veracruz for one day to sign some papers. So in the morning I went with her friend to Soriana and she bought a bunch of groceries. I will be going back there on Thursday probably and buying lots of groceries so I’ll have lots of food at home in preparation of starting to work on Friday. My roommate’s friend made a nice lunch of some sort of fajitas with meat and cheese and vegetables with a salad and Jamaica to drink, so it was a great meal.

    In the evening I walked to Starbucks, and it really started raining hard. Luckily I got there before it started pouring. I ended up doing something that I had never done before in my life….. I ordered two frappuichinos in one visit. I drank a venti vanilla frappe with shots of mocha, and after I had a grande cinnamon horchata frappe (which was there for limited time only). I also had some bagels with cream cheese, though it wasn’t quite the same as Tim Hortons. I should have just had water after the first frappe as that is way too much sugar for one day, but I survived. I certainly won’t do that again though !

    As I headed home I noticed a nice rainbow over the mountains of Monterrey so I was able to get a few pictures of that on my cell phone. I’ve been pretty bad this week in terms of getting to bed, staying up way too late. Of course with my job, I’ll never be starting any early than 12:00 pm, so I can stay up kind of late, but really I’ve always had kind of a rule for myself that I should never stay up past 2:00 am. So over the next few nights I’ll try and get myself in bed before 2:00 am, so I can wake up no later than 10:00 am. On Friday I went to Cinépolis and I saw The Conjuring. It was a very scary movie that dealt with demonic possession and a haunted house, but it was like sooooo many other movies which have been very similar. It was certainly scary though as the guy behind me actually screamed a few times !

    I stopped at Subway on the way home and then just went for a run in the evening and that was pretty much it. I also had run on Saturday and of course today, though I missed yesterday. So after today I just have three more days off, so I better enjoy them. I’ll have to go shopping, probably on Thursday, and I would like to get a bus pass, so maybe I’ll do that on Wednesday. Today is my dad’s 56th birthday, so Happy Birthday to him ! My parents are now both 56 years old…. which makes them exactly double my age. This will really be the last year that both of them will be at least double my age or more, so of course that means I’m getting old too.

    These days most people aren’t having kids in their 20′s, well unless it’s an accident, so I can imagine the next generation will be mostly consisting of much older parents. Not that this really matters to the kids as they’ll be born and age just like anyone else does. I think my parents are a decent age though, as I think it wouldn’t be too ideal to be raised by teenage parents, and of course I don’t think most kids want to graduate high school having friends think its their grandparents attending either. Ultimately though it really doesn’t matter, while certain years are more ideal to having kids than others, as long as the parents are good parents, that’s really the most important thing.

    I don’t plan on having kids, so I never think about this stuff, though the people I have met who do have kids, in their cases it was a real surprise. From what it seems, most people are waiting until their 30′s or even closer to 40 to have kids. I think people these days are just in no hurry, and they’d rather establish themselves and put themselves in a good financial and position of more experience before bringing kids into the world, and I think that bodes well for the future. For the next question:

    How old are your parents ? Do you think there is an ideal age to have children ? What age do you want to have kids/had kids at ?

    I wish everyone all of the best with everything. Take care and I’ll talk to you all on Thursday, bye for now.

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  • My parents are in their early 60′s. J & I wanted to travel the world, so we delayed having kids until about 5 years into our marriage, so late 20′s. It was a good time for us, but I wish we could have had our second sooner. When I was a teenager and in college there was a lot of talk about waiting to have kids until a woman had her career going or got through grad school. We thought we would be able to have kids well into our forties and at the same time be power executives. Turns out a woman’s fertility drops significantly in her mid-thirties. No one told us that and now I’m seeing so many people, who delayed having kids, having to go to extremes to.

  • yeah. i too don’t think about going down that road. not even a fan of kids. i think it’s wiser to wait a little longer until you actually plan to have kids. now a days, life is tough. no to mention VERY EXPENSIVE. to have a kid, one should be ready for money spending and have an enough saving to plan for the future. one thing that ticks me is the ‘reason’ many have when it comes to ‘why’ i should consider having kids. that it is the idea of life would be lonely not to have kids. to me, that is the most selfish answer and reason for having kids. i may be selfish myself, but i wouldn’t want to have kids just so that i’ll have someone to take care of me when i get older.

  • Fun, interesting restaurant. I heard the conjuring is a good movie.

    I’m 23 and my parents are in their early 50′s. my sister is almost 30, so they had her when they were young. Probably not smart, possible, or realistic, but I’d like to have a child before I’m 30. And btw, I know a lot of great parents though had children mostly by mistake when they were teenagers.

  • My parents were close to 21 when I was born. I was almost 24 when I had my own son. People used to have children early in life because they got married early and didn’t live as long as most of them do now. My son married a divorced woman who had 2 daughters…instant family and now he has grandchildren!

    Good luck with the new job. I will be thinking of you tomorrow when you start the training.

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