August 17, 2013

  • Report # 1033

    It’s a good thing I just checked the migration website as a note was posted on Thursday that my visa document has been issued, so I could have picked it up yesterday, but I didn’t check on Thursday night unfortunately. I wasn’t really checking everyday, because I thought it wouldn’t be ready until August 23, as I was told two weeks so it was a surprise. So definitely first thing on Monday morning I will go to the immigration office and pick up my visa. Unfortunately I spent the last week trying to communicate with the lady from the company, and she was literally impossible to get a hold of. The one time I thought I had her on the phone, I was put on hold forever.

    Aside from the email I sent her on August 9, I re-sent it again this past Wednesday, and tried calling numerous times each day, but never go through to her. I really wonder what that lady does all day never to be at the desk answering the phone. So on Monday I definitely need to get a hold of her and figure out what day I can start working. There is another lady that I could try and talk with, but I’ve never really talked with her about this stuff, but I will have to talk to someone if I can’t ever get a hold of this one lady. I’ve waited long enough for all of this, so I am just ready to get started as soon as possible.

    On Wednesday I went to Cinépolis and I saw Mud, which was about a fugitive living on an island who befriends two young boys who help him… it was a pretty good movie. I came home in the evening and went for a run around 6:15 pm and then had a relaxing evening. On Thursday I finally watched the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. I was going to watch it in the theatres a year ago, but after that shooting happened I never got around to going. It was an entertaining movie, though these Block Buster movies no longer seem to want just crazy villains, but full blown terrorists. I went running at 4:00 pm, and I can say that was just too early with this heat. It said it was 36 C (97 F) and by the time I got to the eight lap I was definitely slowing down. I did manage to do my 10 laps, but I definitely won’t run again that early until it’s cooler.

    I went to Cinépolis again yesterday and I saw Grown-ups 2. It was even more crazy and ridiculous with more gross humour than the first one. It’s just one of those movies that while it its very funny at times, it doesn’t really have any story to it, and gets a bit too immature and ridiculous at times. After the movie I went to IHOP and had dinner and ice cream later on and just came home and had a relaxing movie. I managed to get the laundry all done which was good. There are a couple of things that need fixing in the house, such as the toilet which kind of leaks water, and one of the kitchen sink faucets that doesn’t work, so hopefully someone will come and fix those things soon, but aside from that most things have been working well.

    So I’ll enjoy these two weekend days, and then Monday will be a super busy day of me running around and trying to get everything set up to begin working ASAP. Today I wanted to talk about a story that has certainly interested me. I will say that for the most part, laws are here for a reason and they need to be followed, but there comes a time when there is a case that happens, that people, juries, and the judge need to use common sense as well, and this happens to be one of those cases. An 18 year old Florida high school girl is facing charges because of a sexual relationship she had with a 15 year old girl who she was dating. From what I read, in Florida, this girl could be called a sex offender and be forced to stay in prison for as long as 15 years !!!!!

    I really hope common sense prevails in this case or I think a lot of people will be wondering what on earth the judges and juries are smoking in Florida. We are still fresh from all the uproar over the Trayvon Martin case, in which a police office basically murdered an un-armed black kid by shooting him in cold blood and escaping any form of punishment. Clearly a lot of people view that case as an example of racism and discrimination, and if a simular type of wacky decision comes out in this case, people will think of it as sexism as it was a same-sex relationship between two teenagers.

    Now if people want to read more and see what this girl looks like here:

    Anyone who can honestly consider that girl a pedophile clearly doesn’t know what a pedophile even is ! This isn’t a case of some mentally ill adult man preying on a child, it’s a case of two teenagers that really were in a relationship. Now I don’t believe that people in high school should be having sex, but it’s going to happen sometimes, and to try and press criminal charges in a case where it was 100 % consensual between two teenagers, just three years apart in age is a gross exaggeration of what has occurred. From what I read, the age of consent in Florida is 18, so did these girls make a mistake ? Yes obviously they did. They should have just been in a non-sexual relationship and waited a few years, but to suggest that the older girl is a pedophile and deserves to spend 15 years in jail is ridiculous.

    I think the court needs to just throw this case out, warning that while teenagers in high-school should not be having sexual relationships, especially when someone is under the actual age of consent, but that in this very unique and special case, it was just two high-school girls of taking things too far, but neither one of them should have their lives ruined and turned upside down over the simple fact that they were in a consenting relationship and unfortunately decided to make it sexual. Now just to make it 100 % clear I’m obviously completely against any forms of sexual relationships, or any much older person with a younger person under 18, and of course in these situations, there needs to be a look at charges.

    Those older people who think its ok to be with children are complete sickos and they should be sentenced severely and given psychological treatment. In a case of two high-school students, both girls even, any jury, person or prosecutor who is trying to make the argument that this 18 year old high-school girl is a pedophile and should be labeled as such and sent to prison for 15 years should be ashamed of themselves. I’m glad I did more research on the internet as I just read a plea deal has been offered and the older girl will have a chance to avoid going to prison but will still have to admit some guilt, but won’t have to worry about having anything on her record.

    So it does look like if this is accepted the girl will be able to carry on with her life. I also read that the prosecutors have said that the girl has continued to talk with the younger girl with who she has had a relationship with. If this is true, that would not really be a good move, as both girls just need to put this behind them and move on. I’m sure there are strong feelings between both of them so it’s difficult, but with all of the circumstances and what has happened, they can’t both possibly have a healthy relationship or even stay in contact. I am certain there has been some discrimination just because the girls happen to be lesbians, and the media has certainly used that to make the story sound more interesting than it otherwise would be, but at the end of the day, everyone just needs to be treated fairly.

    I imagine some people just want to punish the 18 year old girl for the simple fact that she is a lesbian, and that is repugnant enough. As I said much earlier, I just hope common sense prevails, which it looks like it might have at least a little bit, and that these girls can both get back to living normal lives, though that 18 year old girl is clearly known now to many people, so unfortunately she has become a known personality. I did read she has received a lot of support through letters and petitions, so it’s nice to see there are good people out there and that she hasn’t had to go through this all on her own.

    What lessons should be taken away from all of this from others ? That people should really wait to get involved with someone sexually, at the very least until they are both adults, that it’s not easy being gay, and that when someone disagrees with something fundamentally, they will work hard to destroy that person, just based on the simple fact they are different. So a fascinating case, I just hope it works out better than the Trayvon Martin case did, I don’t think the Florida court system needs to outrage any more people ! For the next question:

    What are your thoughts on this case ? Do you think the 18 year old girl should be punished ? Do you feel discrimination has been involved over the fact that the case involves lesbians ?

    Well that’s all I have for today. I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend. Take care and I’ll talk to you all on Tuesday, bye for now.

    Sources: Florida girl, 18 arrested and expelled after relationship with 15 year-old classmate. By Erik Ortiz/ New York daily News. May 19, 2013 Kaitlyn Hunt accused of further acts of ‘lewd and lascivious behaviour’ with underage girl. By Scott Kaufman. August 16, 2013 Kaitlyn Hunt Update: Plea deal offered Fla. teen charged over same-sex underage relationship, report say. By Iris Carreras. August 15, 2013


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  • Oh, wow! I haven’t heard of this…These days, a lot of teenagers are having sex. Still in high school. 15 and 18? I’m sure that is happening all over. This case, from what I know by what you’ve written, must be because they are lesbians. It’s ridiculous and shameful now that the 18 year old girl will be remembered for this. Anyway, congrats on the visa. Finally, huh?

  • You know, I remember hearing about this. While I am up in the air about how I feel about the case, I will say that this is a bit harsh. After all these kids were just that kids!

  • good to know you got your visa. YAY. now you can start working soon. yeah, i’ve read about that high school girl who got charged for her sexual relationship with another girl. i think a sentence of 15-year jail time is too harsh. but now a days, many teenagers are already in a sexual relationship with another teenager. this is probably why many teenage girls are already becoming mums. it’s tough to limit them their sexual freedom. i wonder if any of those boys who got those girls pregnant ever got charged with the same jail-time punishment that was bestowed upon this 18-yr old girl.

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