August 14, 2013

  • Report # 1032

    Well another three days have passed which brings me to another blogging day, though I really don’t seem to have all of the ideas that I had for this that I once did. I guess since I haven’t been reading the newspaper every single day, and with over 1030 entries, one just runs out of things to talk about. I enjoyed the cooler, cloudier and rainy weekend weather as it was a great break from the heat. On Sunday afternoon I walked to Soriana and bought some more light bulbs, which were definitely needed and then stopped at Carl’s Jr. As I headed home it started to rain, but I got back home and inside before it started pouring.

    On Monday I went to Cinépolis and I saw Pain & Gain, which was basically a very silly and violent action movie with Mark Wahlberg and the Rock about body builders in Miami who get involved in criminal activities to live the “American Dream.” It was kind of a mix of being super silly and ridiculous, though the director certainly went out of his way to make it bloody. I stopped at El Pollo Loco on the way home and in the evening I walked up to the park and ran for around 40 minutes. Yesterday was a pretty lazy day as I stayed in most of the day before walking up to Cabo Grill for the 2×1 taco day. I watched a movie on the computer, The Brave One, and went for another run in the evening, and that was about it.

    The lady from Teleperformance has not responded to my email that I sent on Friday, so I don’t know if that means she didn’t get it or she accidentally deleted it. I tried calling her yesterday, but I didn’t get her until after 4:00 pm and then she put me on hold. I was waiting for like 10 minutes and then I just hung up. This lady can be very hard to communicate with at times, so I will have to try more today. It’s not like I’m in a hurry as I won’t get the visa until August 23, but I do at least want to know if she got the email and if she can get me a start day, and about the bank as well, so I hope to talk with her today. In the past few days I had Skype calls with my parents, and my aunt and grandmother, and brother, who was also in Calgary at the time, so it was good to talk to family for the first time since I left home a month ago.

    Seeing as I don’t really have anything else to talk about today, I’ll just go off on those extremely rude and stupid people in the movie theatre that I’ve seen a few times here. Basically all the movie theatres warn people before entering…. please turn off your cell phone…. but surprisingly so many people either don’t understand this simple request, or they just choose to ignore it. So during most movies here the cell phone of at least someone goes off during the movie. Now I can understand maybe someone truly did forget to turn it off one time, so I have some sympathy. If they answer it right away and turn it off… then ok they are forgiven, but I’ve seen two times in the last month where this did not happen.

    Two times the people actually answered their ringing cell phones and started talking in the movie theatre during the middle of the movie. Are they people just that inconsiderate or are they completely stupid ? One of the times a bunch of people were actually telling the person to shut up, which was nice to see, but a lot of times the other people can’t be bothered as they just want to watch the movie and hope the person shuts up soon enough. It’s just ridiculous that adults can’t even follow such a simple rule, and not only choose to fully ignore the rule, but go and have actual conversations during the movie like they are sitting in their own house alone in front of the TV.

    I kind of wanted to go up to the person and dump my Coke on them, but obviously that wouldn’t go over to well and I’d end up in more trouble than the person on the phone. It’s sad to say, but it’s gotten to the point where movie theatres can’t even allow people to enter with cell phones anymore, because people just don’t listen and follow the rules. It is like they need to have everyone give up their cell phones during the movie and take a number to pick them up after. It sounds like that would be overreacting, but after witnessing these ridiculously selfish and stupid people time and time again it doesn’t seem like a horrible idea.

    There are also devices that can be installed that make cell phones not work in the movie theatre rooms, but I suppose that would be considered dangerous, seeing as if there was an emergency, such as that lunatic entering the movie theatre in Colorado last year, people would want to be able to call for help. So a better option would be to give people a chance in the theatre to push a button or something and warn the staff about someone being too nosiy and disrespectful during the movie… either on a cell phone or just not shutting up in general by talking too much. Then the staff could come in, ask the person(s) to leave and ban them from the theatre for one year !

    And would this lose some customers ? Certainly ! However, I think more customers would be likely to come back if they see the movie theatre staff taking action against these idiots, allowing them to enjoy the movie in peace. It would be nice though if movie theatres didn’t have to go through all of these drastic measures, but for that to happen, people would have to do something in the theatres that they are not accustomed to doing before…. following the rules, and unfortunately I don’t see that happening anytime soon !

    For the next question:

    What do you think about people who are disruptive in the movie theatre ? (Either by talking with others, using their cell phones, or whatever) What should be done to make the experience better for everyone ?

    Well that’s all for another day. I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of the week. Take care and I’ll talk to you all on Saturday, bye for now.


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  • Kyle! You are still around! I am planning on staying her till they kick me out. To answer your question… they should be asked to leave.

  • So Pain & Gain wasn’t worth seeing? I hate rudeness during movies! No cell phones, no loud commenting, no crying babies- I want my theater experience quiet. I actually secret shop a movie chain down here so I get to make suggestions directly to corporate. Several times I’ve said that I think an usher should be present in the theater during the entire film. That usher’s duties would include helping people find seats, assisting in emergencies, communicating sound or visual issues to the person running the movie, helping handicap individuals, and providing a good experience for most of the guests by enforcing theater etiquette. They would be empowered by the management to remove people who didn’t comply.

  • Oh gosh, I remember in high school, my father wouldn’t stop calling me. My phone was on silent. I should have left to answer, but I didn’t. After the movie, a lady 5 times angrier than you flipped out on me. I sure learned my lesson!

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