August 8, 2013

  • Report # 1030

    Hey everyone, I hope that you’ve all been having a great week. I’m typing this up in the apartment as the internet has finally arrived… it certainly beats waiting until August 20. The signal is very strong by the kitchen and in the bedroom, so it works perfectly. So now just about everything is in order except the most important thing which is to get that visa soon and start working. On Monday afternoon I went to see Nomads, which was about a woman in NYC doing a documentary about people who commit suicide by jumping in front of the Subway train in Mexico City. It was an interesting movie, though I didn’t find it all that fun to watch.

    In the evening I went to the park and ran around 10 times, which takes about 35 minutes, and then returned home and had a shower. On Tuesday I walked up to Cabo Grill as it was their 2 for 1 taco day. I saw the same waiter that I saw a few weeks ago and he remembered me so he shook my hand. I came home in the evening and talked to the roommate for quite a while and made a sandwich before going up to the internet cafe for one last time. I was at McDonalds yesterday morning and a nice older guy started talking to me…. it’s always nice to talk to new people. I came home in the afternoon and the guys arrived to install the internet. It was a pretty big job as they were here for probably three hours.

    It’s still been incredibly sunny and hot everyday, so I really can’t wait until this summer passes and it cools down outside. I go running between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm when the sun is pretty much set, so as the days get a little shorter and cooler eventually, it will be a lot nicer. Last night I watched Iron Man 3, and it was a pretty good movie, though I don’t know what the director was trying to imply with the Mandarin, it almost seems like he was channeling Bin Laden and implying that maybe he was some made up character… I would think the Mandarin character in the movie would really incite some controversy among some people.

    Over the years I’ve read and seen on the news a number of stories about negligent people living their kids and pets in hot cars. Not only is this an incredibly stupid thing to do, it can end up being a criminal issue as well seeing as in many tragic situations children and pets have died from being left in hot cars for too long. Clearly more education has to be out there teaching people that this is an incredibly stupid idea.

    While it honestly seems like it should be common sense that it’s an incredibly stupid idea to leave a child or a pet in the car on a hot day, so many people don’t get the message. So it comes to the point where I believe anyone who has done this before and put their children and/or pets in harms way have them taken away for a while, and be forced into taking some sort of class educating them on an issue they clearly know nothing about. I would say maybe they should spend sometime left alone in a hot car as well to give them at least some what of an idea of what someone stuck in a car would face, but I can’t imagine any government approving that form of education !

    Clearly there has to be a police presence or at the very least security guards monitoring all the parked cars in parks and store parking lots when it’s warm outside because it’s an extremely dangerous thing to leave someone in a hot car, and it’s happening just way too often. It’s sad enough hearing about poor helpless children and pets being left in hot vehicles and being found in time, but to read about the ones who die is just a complete tragedy. Personally I think leaving children or pets in the car on any day of the year would be a stupid idea as all it takes is one nutcase to break in and take the child and/or pet away… and that would be just as tragic as knowing that someone died in a hot car.

    So in general parents need to just stop leaving any living species in their vehicles, no matter if it’s hot, cold, or normal ! And until these negligent and short on brain cells parents learn their lessons, unfortunately resources, which could be used on many other important issues, will have to be put to use here, protecting children and pets from the ones who are failing to do so the most, the ones these children and pets trust the most….. their own parents/owners. I just hope one of these days people start getting the message that leaving any child or pet in the car is just a horrendously horrible, stupid, and dangerous idea, because just reading about one case of a death from this sort of stupidity is too much !

    And if despite all of the efforts from police, security officers, and public announcements, people still aren’t getting the message, well then they clearly need a lot more than education classes…. they need to spend some time in jail ! I would hope this issue doesn’t continue to spiral out of control, but I can’t say I’m all too optimistic that things will improve greatly… hopefully people can prove me wrong though. For the next question:

    What are your thoughts on parents who leave their children and/or pets in the car on hot days ? How should these people be educated and punished ?

    So next time I’ll post a few pictures of the apartment, so that will give me something to do today, take some pictures. I wish everyone all of the best with everything. Take care and I’ll talk to you all on Sunday, bye for now.

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  • I think parents/people who leave their children or pets in the car are just plain stupid. They must know… It is common sense, but I guess they don’t care. I’m not sure what should be done to them. The people who caused a child or pet to die certainly deserve prison time. Your thought (having them sit in a hot car to feel the pain they caused) is a good one but I don’t think will ever happen. Good luck with the rest of your move, and especially the visa!

  • Yay- internet! Down here where it’s always hot there are more than your average amount of deaths caused by someone leaving a child in the car. The majority of the time, the child is accidentally forgotten in the car, strapped in their car seat. It’s not usually a conscious decision. The kid falls asleep and is quiet, the parent is preoccupied or one parent thinks the other got the kid out and they’re somewhere in the house. It’s really sad whether it’s an oops or a poor decision. With pets, I think most of the time it is an intentional decision. As far as punishment goes, it would have to be case by case, but criminal charges should be brought whether that be cruelty to animals, manslaughter, etc.

  • leaving kids and pets in a hot car? this is a true crime!! the parents should be punished ! im adult and i can’t breath if i’m in a hot car without the ac. i can’t imagine how little pets and kids would feel! they would die!!

  • woohoo. finally!! having internet access at home definitely helps. yeah, i too disagree with the idea of leaving kids/pets in the car when it’s hot out there. one is not fit to be a parent if one doesn’t even want to carry the baby around or leave the pet at home, while out taking care of errands.

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