Month: September 2013

  • Report # 1038

    Well this is different ! I have no idea if anyone is continuing on Xanga, and I’m not sure exactly if anyone else has updated, but if anyone is still here they can leave me a comment ! My last day before I started my new job was on Thursday, August 29. I went to the Galerias mall and met my friend and we took a taxi to go to VIPS to have dinner. We got 30 % off so that was nice.

    I went to work on Thursday afternoon at 3:00 pm, though it took the managers quite a while to get everything organized. We had all of our pictures taken so we could get our security badges later on, and then we all headed into a classroom. And I can tell you the three days that I’ve been in there have felt a lot like being back in school. The trainer is pretty good at what he does though, so he has made it pretty entertaining.

    The first day was kind of boring as there were just all of these people from different departments talking to us about every little thing; security, company policies, paying schedules, what our wages should be like, bonuses, being sick or late, and so much more. We even had little quizzes after all of the presentations. We also had to do a presentation of another employee in front of everyone else so that was kind of cool.

    As the days have gone by, we’ve started to learn more about the actual job, and yesterday in fact, we got a huge Kohls customer service book, so there will be a lot to learn. And of course before we learn the system on the computer, we need to actually know how to help customers and present ourselves, so that is the stage we are at now. All of the other employees, trainers, and managers are very friendly and helpful, so I think as long as I do my very best, this will be a good job.

    There will be a lot to learn, like with most new jobs, but they have a very supportive atmosphere here, and the people who do very well have promotion opportunities. So basically if I am never late, never miss a day, and do well on the job I will be able to have success. I finally got around to going grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon, though I had to walk all the way to the other Soriana as the one I went to before had a fire and will be closed for two weeks.

    I also went to the movie theatre on Sunday afternoon and I saw The Heat, which was the comedy movie with the two female police officers… it was a very funny movie. I ran for the first time today since I started working, so I’ll just have to get myself up a little earlier in the day to give myself time to run. Because I’m pretty sure with a job sitting on a computer all day, if I don’t get myself to run, I’ll certainly put on weight !

    So everything has been pretty well, and I’ve been busy. I won’t have my next day off until Sunday, but that’s ok I’ve had enough days off in the last year. Seeing as this whole Xanga migration thing really screwed up my posting schedule, I’ll try and get it back on track by posting again on Saturday. I will have to see if anyone else is still around or how to continue from here on, as I’m still pretty lost !

    Anyways, for the next question:

    What are your impressions of Xanga 2.0 ?

    All I can say is that I don’t have enough knowledge or experience to really know anything about it yet, so it will be a wait and see approach. I wish everyone all of the best with everything. Take care and I’ll talk to you all on Saturday, bye for now.